Jerr-Dan 6 Ton XLP vs Vulcan 812 Intruder II

It’s always difficult to compares apples to oranges. Both the 6 Ton XLP and Vulcan 812 Intruder are great trucks, and they equally do what they were designed to do great. Comparing a flat bed wrecker to a wheel lift tower is like trying to compare a whale to a dolphin. They’re both similar, they both share a habitat, but they perform differently.

The XLP isn’t fully self-loading, especially without the optional Side Recovery System. The Vulcan 812, on the other hand, is fully self-loading with an optional controller that can be chosen by the buyer, leading to faster and easier controls. Flatbeds are workhorses, but so are their drivers.

PPI/Repo is a dangerous game, and as a result, the Vulcan 812 lacks the literally flashy safety features available to the XLP. If you were using the Vulcan 812 to tow a car with a flat tire in the middle of the day, you’d be fine. But in the dead of night? I would feel safer with the XLP and its R.A.I.L. System lighting up the road.

If you like a bare bones powerhouse of a tow truck, you’ll probably find the XLP sufficient. It doesn’t have too many standard features above and beyond the low-angle loading feature and a long bed. The Vulcan 812, on the other hand, came to party with a ton of standard features and accessories, and many more options to customize it. Miller has really developed the new Vulcan with the professional in mind, whereas the XLP was made to be a great generic truck that gets the job down.

If you were to match these two against one another, it’d be my guess that the Vulcan 812 is going to load faster and easier, as it’s predisposed to be used as a PPI/repo truck. The self-loading mechanism, custom controls, and 90 degree loading ability is perfect for grab and go jobs, especially with its sleek, low-profile design. If you try to repo a car in your huge XLP flatbed, people are going to notice.

If you’re looking for a versatile wrecker that’s going to pull anything and everything, that’s another story. The XLP is definitely an all-in-one tower. It can pull and load just about anything, especially when combined with the optional Side Recovery System, yanking cars from every which way. The XLP has a 12,000 pound towing rating; the Vulcan 812 taps out at 7,500.

Which truck you prefer is really up to what your style and needs are. Are you going the route of total car recovery, or are you leaning towards PPI/repo? It’s hard to beat the Vulcan 812, but it very much seems designed with the professional repo man in mind. The XLP is the rugged complete tower of your dreams, and if stealth isn’t something you’re worried about, it’s tough to find something to out tow it.

If you’re looking for slow and steady, low-maintenance, and classic all American grit, the XLP is your flatbed. If you’re looking for a versatile, small and sleek wheel lifter, the Vulcan 812 is a great improvement on an already impressive series of lifters.

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