812 Intruder II

Any tow driver worth their salt is familiar with the Vulcan. It’s the world’s greatest wheel lift tow truck on the market. That is, it was; then Miller came out with the next version that leaves the Vulcan behind in the dust.

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And yet, Miller came out with a wheel lift tow truck that’s going to last a lifetime. What makes the Vulcan 812 Intruder II so great? A few different things,

First of all, Miller increased the rear visibility of the truck. Always a smart move; you can see better between the boom and the tailboard. It’s as if Miller was reading my diary. They’ve revamped the hose tracking system, making maintenance easier than ever. When you buy one, Miller will even let you choose what controller you want, to make sure your new truck fits you like a glove.

To make life even easier on you, they’ve revamped the crossbars to make them more low profile, which is always great if you’re in the repo game. Do you like to change your own oil? I have great news for you. Miler recessed the truck’s claws, making it easier to get to the oil pan. They’ve even thrown in a new pivot system. If you’re in the market for a new wheel lift truck, this is it.

A truck this good, they’ve probably had to sacrifice some functionality, right? Wrong. It’s still the same great self-loading Vulcan you know and love. Miller has just made it that much better to use. Easier access for maintenance and better controls for the lifting mechanisms; what more could you possibly want?

I’m glad you asked. Miller has a laundry list of options you can add to make this completely customizable to how you want. The 812 comes standard with a 60” C.A. steel modular body, but it is offered in both an aluminum and a composite alternate body if you need something a little lighter. You can have a fifth wheel or a motorcycle attachment, a trailer hitch attachment, dollies, clutch pump or Pump/PTO, a 24” toolbox, and either a steel light or aluminum tubular light pylon. And that’s all above and beyond the extensive standard features.

The 812 was built with versatility in mind. That’s why Miller threw in an adjustable body width of 88” or 94”. It doesn’t matter how big the payload is, the 812 is taking it away. I’m always a little weary of self-loaders, but the 812 has a 180 degree pivoting self-loading crossbar. It’s going to get the job right each and every time. Also standard are the adjustable limiter switches, safety chains and pocket guards, wheel lift straps, tool compartments on both the driver and passenger sides, and an 8,000 pound planetary winch with 100 feet of 3/8” cable. Simply put, this is going to be the last wheel lift truck you’re ever going to need.

Miller has once again hit it out of the park with the updated Vulcan. If wheel lift is your game, 812 needs to be your truck’s name.

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