6 Ton XLP

Jerr-Dan’s 6 Ton XLP is a hard truck to beat when you’re looking for a new tow truck. It’s a wrecker, and its flatbed can practically do the Limbo. I’m not kidding; it can take on a load at 7.5 degrees. That’s 2 ½ degrees lower than anyone else. At a load angle that low, there’s nothing you can’t get onto your truck.

Me, personally, just hearing that alone is enough to sell me on the 6 Ton XLP. But Jerr-Dan is known for going the extra mile, and they certainly didn’t stop there. They offer two different decks; a 21’ and 22’. So if you’ve been struggling with load space and need just that little bit of umph to make life easier, Jerr-Dan’s got you covered. What really ices the cake is the offer this long, low-angle loading bed in a dual angle deck option. There’s going to be literally nothing that you won’t be able to haul in this truck.

Any other truck company would be satisfied at stopping here. Jerr-Dan has never been your average company. They offer two additional optional features to those looking to be the best local tower in their town. The first option available is a side recovery system. As far as options go, this is one of the ones that you definitely want to invest in. Jerr-Dan’s Side Recovery System is probably the best in the industry. It can slide tow any vehicle from the driver or passenger side, up to 10,000 pounds. Big deal; that’s nothing new, right? Wrong. It also has a dual stabilizing hidden Flip Down Claw/Spade. This allows you to pull from the front, side, or back. Best of all? It can be mounted with only a foot of space, or two feet on a wrecker.

Jerr-Dan has also been a stickler for safety. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me that the other option, and one I would highly recommend, that’s offered on the 6 Ton XLP is their R.A.I.L. System. The Rear Awareness Indicator Lights System provides unrivaled visibility to other drivers on the road. The R.A.I.L. is placed at an angular, 15 degree, install so that it boosts your horizontal visibility. Yes, the big truck carrying the smaller truck should be enough, but you know how drivers are. The R.A.I.L. delivers the best safety feature you can find with a randomly strobing set of amber hazard lights. People will see you with the R.A.I.L., even when you’re loading the truck bed. Whether it’s a dark night, thick morning fog, a summer monsoon, or rush hour, you’re not going to have to worry about a rear collision again.

Even bare bones, the 6 Ton XLP is a great wrecker. But when you combine it with the three optional add-ons? Forget it. This will probably be the last wrecker you ever buy, until the geniuses at Jerr-Dan come up with an even better one.


Pros and Cons


If you’re looking for a flatbed wrecker for your vehicle towing. An example of Jerr-Dan’s 6 Ton XLP is the one at our local Vehicle Towing Company, which is made with the professional tower in mind. Low loading angle, strong towing capacity, and additional safety add-ons make it ideal for towing vehicles in any condition. As a flatbed, you’re going to be doing a lot of the work yourself, as opposed to self-loading trucks. It’s built like a tank, which is both a blessing and a curse. Luckily, Jerr-Dan built in a long 21’ or 22’ foot bed, giving the driver plenty of visibility from the cab. The low-angle loading allows for the potential to get multiple compact vehicles on at once, weight permitting. And with the R.A.I.L. System option, you can feel safer knowing that traffic is going to see you.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. If you’re looking for a bare-bones, smaller frame truck, a Hino would be more your style. It has fewer bells and whistles, but it’s smaller and more slender. You won’t feel like a school bus hauling a dead rhino with its more petite frame. Hino also usually has a better turning radius with all of their trucks, and the XLP is going to swinging for the fences when you go to turn that wide body. Ford also takes a page out of Hino’s book, favoring a smaller bed and a beefier cab. If you value driver cab durability over bed functionality, Ford is the truck you’re looking for. It really all depends on the payload you’re planning on carrying. With the XLP, you’re ready for anything. Ford and Hino have smaller beds, meaning there’s only so big you can go with your truck’s carrying capacity.

As far as wheel lift trucks go, it’s hard to beat the Vulcan 812 Intruder II. For PPI/Repo work, it doesn’t get much better than the 812. The Vulcan series has always offered 90 degree loading, and they do it easily. And with the 812’s improved visibility, you’ll be able to easily see the truck bed as you drive. Both the 810 and the 812 Vulcan models are tried and true. It’s hard to find anyone who will say a bad word about them. And improving on an already great design, you know you’re going to have the best wheel lift truck around.

Is the 812 the wheel lift Messiah? It is and it isn’t. There are certainly great alternatives out there. If you’ve grown accustomed to other wheel lifters, say, Mitsubishis or Hino trucks. They still have their tight turning radii and quick claw systems, which if you’re in the repo business, could be the difference between a good day and a bad day. If you prefer a gas truck, you might be more comfortable with a Chevrolet dynamic self loading truck. It really comes down to what you would be using it for. Yes, the 812 is built to be an all-in-one, long-lasting wheel lifter. But it’s a little too versatile to be used versus sneaker repo trucks if you’re in the PPI game.

The Benefits of Clear UV Filtered Windshields

Though many people in today’s society look forward to getting a little tan by the rays of the sun, it is not always welcome. Especially while driving around town on daily errands or going to and from work. Ok, an exception to this is when the wind is in your hair, and you are in a convertible with the top down. But more to the point, when you are looking to shield yourself from the sun, having a clear, UV filtered windshields will offer added protection.

You are probably aware that there are many benefits to having UV protected windshields. No painful burns from the sun while driving, less chance of damage to eyes, and less likelihood of skin cancer from excessive sun exposure.

In modern times, windshields continue to evolve in cleverness and complexity.  Windshields are bigger and sometimes more elaborate. There are some that provide added visibility with windshields that can reach up into the roof over the driver, or even able to wrap around the side of the vehicle. Nowadays windshields can filter 95 to 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Reduction in infrared (IR) rays and the ensuing internal heat gain can be wrapped up with a composite film with a dye that absorbs heat and metal.

UV filtered windshields are not just smart they are necessary for today’s harsh sunlight. The protection of yourself and your passenger’s, as well as the car interior,  depends on your making the right choice. Just imagine the cracking and sunbleached dashes of those cars without UV windshields…we’ve all seen them. Now ask yourself, what windshield would you choose?